Saturday, June 04, 2011

3 years later...

... and I've recently (past two months) started couponing again.

Let's start on the left. Pepsi was on sale for 5.99 36/ct and Moments to Save had $2/2 Q. Diet coke is 4/$10. The chips were also a Moment to Save deal. $2 off each of those bags. Bags were around $6... so 22 chips out of the vending machine at work are $22 dollars. Now, they're only $4! On the top of the gray shelf is misc. clearance and gifts like candles. Cake mixes, Frosting, Kraft Mac and cheese were at bottom low prices at Sunfresh for an Anniversary sale. Kens Dressings were less than a dollar. Were free this week, but missed that sale. Sweet baby rays was free. Mustard was 30 cents. Then there's my fabulous Roka Blue. Kraft decided this is only to be made around the holidays and almost $3 a jar!! Holy crap! But I love it, so now I have some to make it through those emotional crazy days. Below that was awesome Gatorade deals. Some free, most under $.70. Then there's Smuckers. Hyvee had a deal buy $20 get $5 back then had $1/2 toppings and $1/3 jams. So $23 for all that. Toilet paper and paper towels. PT were free by accident. I thought it it was $1 off, but it was $1 off detergent... TP was 3.99 with Q. Amazing deal on my favorite trash bags. buy $10 worth (3 boxes) get $3 back plus 3 $.75q. Less than $2 each!!! All that Purex on the bottom retails for $8+ but I got all for .99!


Monday, June 02, 2008

Lacking updates - sorry

I wanted to post saying that I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I'm working full time (40+ hours), going to school full time (30+ hours) and managed to get a boyfriend (unlimited hours). I'm still trying to keep up with the deals. I was able to do the $5 dollar ink refill at Walgreens and at CVS I was able to get some monthly deals (jaw drops) that were in stock. I'm also going to do the Bounty deal because I love Charmin. I'm so sick of using the crappy Cottonelle that dissolves on contact. Ew. There aren't too many good grocery deals at any of my stores this week. I hope there's a turnaround come Wednesday.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Super Savings Saturday 5/3/08

My first stop was Walgreens. I really needed qtips and they were on sale for 2.99 BOGO. So I decided to print out the 5 dollar Zantac coupon, buy that for 4.99 to get the three dollar register reward to use on the qtips. The cashier was giving me a hastle and wouldn't reduce the RR to 2.99, which I don't know if she can, but I'm used to CVS doing it. Anyway, the sweet lady behind me decided to add my qtips to her order so I could get out of Walgreens scott free!

Since Kmart was near and they were having a General Mills sale, I wanted to pick up some Lucky Charms. Alas, they didn't have any. But I did get four boxes of cereal for a buck each. This is the first time I've ever bought Trix cereal. I remember having it around the age of seven and thinking it'd be better with chocolate milk. Boy, was I wrong! Haven't eaten it since!

Ran up to Walmart after that. I really spent most of my money here because I needed to get my monthly cat litter and food. Everything besides the cat stuff was cheap or free. The gum was a buck each with coupon, and I go through so much of it, I couldn't resist! I also played coupon fairy and left two of the 10 dollar off coupons next to the automatic shower cleaner.

Hit up CVS after that. Wanted to take it easy, so I just bought the Just for Men to gain two extra bucks and send in for the rebate!

Hen House was after that. I wanted to pick up my free Malt-o-meal and some chicken for dinner.

Total of all items: $108 dollars
Total spent: 30 bucks!!

A 70ish % savings!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Show and Tell - Small CVS/Hen House Trip

First off, I'm sorry that I haven't written in so long! I was hit with a nasty virus that resembled bronchitis. As I was recovering from that, I was hit with erythema nodosum in my ankle which disabled me. This is the first shopping trip I've done in weeks! I was needing a fix, and while I don't think this trip was that great, it was something!! Seriously, try going to CVS three times in one week for prescriptions only! That was SO hard! Anyway, on to the goods!

BeCentsable is doing another Show and Tell Giveaway and I can't resist joining!

The Breakdown:


Transaction 1
6 zone bars 7.14 -1mfq x3 and -1.50mfq
2.90 used 2 ecb spent .90 oop earned 4ecb

Transaction 2
alavert-d 6.99 -4
speedstick 3.99
used two 3.49 ecb spent .32 oop earned 7.99ecb

Transaction 3
revlon eyecolor 4.49 -3crt -1mfq
revlon emery 1.79 -1mfq
revlon emery .89 -1mfq (bogo50%)
garnier eye 14.99 -1mfq
garnier life FREE -1mfq (bogo)
4/20 cvs beauty coupon
used 10 ecb spent .57 oop earned 5ecb

spent 18.98 ecb and 1.79 oop
earned: 16.99 ecb and $56.17 worth of stuff!

Hen House

After CVS I shambled over to Hen House to get some fruit to snack on. After taking a slice from the sample tray, I couldn't resist the extreme sweetness these fine oranges had to offer. I bought 8lbs of Orange for $4.19. That's 53 cents a pound for fruit! The thing I really love about oranges is if I don't finish them before they become inedible, they make my garbage disposal smell oh so nice!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monday's Trip

Today I used the VS email to pick up some mints and a $9 body scrub for $3. Since Walmart was close and I needed a curtain rod, I grabbed another two boxes of Free Scotch-Brite Scrubber Kits. Not far from that, Hyvee was giving away Free Purex laundry detergent. After getting closer to home, I went to the thrift shop and picked up two large panels of curtains for $4, after asking if she'd be willing to drop the price from $8.


Retail Price

Price Paid








$3ish w/o sale



Reg $20 at retailer


I could have paid $51.58 for all of this, but instead, I paid $11.89! Sweet!

P.S. I can't seem to get rid of that huge gap. :-(


Friday, April 11, 2008

Super Savings Saturday 4/12/08

Total Spent: $17.01!

The Happy Housewife is hosting a Becentsable Show and Tell! I have so much fun looking over what everyone has got this week! Thanks girls!

Today I did a Walgreens, Walmart, and Target run! Target had the greatest clearance deals I have ever came across! I also finally was able to join in on the FREE Honey Bunches of Oats. I had the cashier price adjust to Walgreens, because mine doesn't allow printable coupons. I'm not sure what the exact "before" total is, but my best guess is around $140! That's around an 88% savings!

My worst moment was staring at the toothpaste, knowing I could get the 2.99 Colgate for .50 cents, and deciding not to, because I already have a wall full. I haven't gone CVSing yet this week, but that sure would add more to this stash!



3 ScotchBrite Toilet Scrubbers - Free
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Scrubber - Free After Rebate
2 Glade Air Fresheners - Free (1.06 in overage)
Dole Juice - 1.54
Bread - 2.17
2 Apples - 1.35
Bananas - .56
7 HBO - Free
3 Cat Treats - Free
Glade Auto - Free After Rebate

Total - 4.56


Tums - 4.49
Aqualfresh - 2.00
Soyjoy - 1.39
Wal-zyr - 3.99
Jane - 4.99
Colgate 360 - 3.99
Printer Ink - Free

Put on giftcard/get reimbursed
= made 3.86


2 bags Healthful Life - Free
3 Bags Lays Crisps - 3.75
2 Flat Earth Chips - 3.00
Ice Breakers Mints - .48
2 Degree Deoderant - Free
Pert Plus - Free After Rebate (1 overage)
2 Soap Pads - .76
6 Ocelo Sponges - .60
Scotch Brite Refil - Free
Fruit Snacks - 4.74
Slimfast - Free
2 Bottles KY - 3.98

Total 16.31


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hen House and Becentsable Show and Tell!

Becentsable is having another show and tell give-away, hosted by Homeschooling Four. I'm entering in my weekly Henhouse trip. I grabbed three more items on a different trip that aren't pictured.

If you take reusable bags, Hen House will give you a .05 credit per bag!

I'm giving the original price then the price after sale and coupons.

Yoplait Kids ($3.19) = Free!
Lean Pockets ($2.69) = $1.55 each
Cereal Bars ($3.23) = $1.00 [one box not shown]
Texas Toast ($4.23) = $1.17
Pepper Jack ($2.99) = $2.29
Strawberries (4.99) = $2.00
Flat Earth (2.99) = $1.99
NY Dip'n Sticks ($2.97) = $0.97 [not shown]
Pint Ice Cream ($1.87) = $1.00 [not shown]

Original Price is $45.83. I paid $20.72!! A 54% savings!

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